Pi Patel for Fun

     I’ve been playing around recently with my watercolour pencils and I’m looking forward to experimenting more with ink too. It’s such a fun way to produce whimsical, delicate images without worrying too much about placement and drying layers as with traditional watercolours.

This is just a little play I did of Pi Patel in Life of Pi. I remember the scene so vividly of his tears running down his tears, and his sorrow at the loss of his family. I’ve done a repeat with an attempt at blocking off a streaming tear, but although the proportions are better (especially with the mouth), I prefer this version’s hair. I laid too much colour down in the second version, and it became a bit too harsh, when I really wanted subtle hues. I’m hoping to try it a third time and hope I manage to balance a freshness and the emotions with better technical placement. I need to be quicker and more deft, that’s for sure!

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