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Doodling Peacocks with FW Ink

I have been having far too much fun playing with my FW inks. The colour intensity and the translucency of some of the pigments just lends itself so well to some subjects. I have always been in love with peacocks, and the way they twirl with attitude, displaying their plumage for our benefit. They are so gorgeous, with the petrol blue shades, turquoise, and purple, and all the variants in between.

Well, I am also lucky enough to have some of Golden Fluid Iridescents copper, gold, and pearl pigments to play with, so of course, I have used these too. I’m well known for my magpie tendencies, so had to add some copper and gold leaf sparkle.

Here is a little peek of what I’ve been up to!

Peacock Splatter - 2018 - Acrylic Ink
Peacock Splatter – 2018 – Acrylic Ink

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Harvey is the most gorgeous dog I have ever met – and I’m so pleased with the outcome of this commission! It’s always a little scary with commissions of pets or people portraits as the way you view someone is not necessarily the same way others do – little things like the facial expressions they might share with you, to even the angle you may normally view them at all affect how you view someone!

If you’re interested in having a pet portrait commissioned please get in touch. I always begin with sketches from photos, or a meet up, so that I can make sure the true character really shines through for you.