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New Photos and Purple Grapes Added to Artfinder

Hello again! At the end of August I went to Scotland, to travel around the east coastal roads. I had a spectacular time and took tons of photos. I’m yet to post my DSLR images online, but I have uploaded some of my favourite iPhone photos.


I have some images from 2017 – 2018 that I have neglected to add here – so there some other updates in the galleries, like this glorious wild horse in the New Forest sunset.

Wild Horse in the New Forest
Wild Horse in the New Forest
Corn Fields at Dusk
Corn Fields at Dusk

I have added another painting for sale to the Artfinder shop – Purple Grapes. I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

Holmsley Tearooms – I’ve been busy…

I’ve been busy… here are some photos I took at the Station House Tearooms in Holmsley. The delicious food features in the pictures, with lots of traditional British dishes, and of course, cream tea – what else does one come to a tearoom for! The tearoom building itself is rather interesting, as it’s set in an original station house. The building has been reconstructed and well-maintained over the years. You can see how similar the building remains, looking at the memorabilia in the foyer and on the walls in the dining area. The tracks can be found a short stroll across the road. It’s a good base for cyclists and walkers as many of the routes connect to the trails surrounding the area.

Go visit Station House Holmsley

Here is the artwork …

Here is the artwork I produced for the show tickets:

tickets 2 copy

The theme for the aerial silks show was Good vs. Evil and the costumes were painted in acrylics on fabric (it worked surprisingly well onto black lycra, although during stunts the friction meant some of the paint transferred onto the silks). Heidi Dowie and I came up with a nature inspired design between us, much of it being done off the cuff straight onto the fabric! More pics coming soon of the costumes!