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Portrait commission for a lovely friend

Portrait of Ezra
Portrait of Ezra

Last year I had the pleasure of working on my first traditional portrait for a lovely friend. Over the years I have drawn and doodled many faces of unwitting sitters – if you sat near me in a lecture or on the train, the reason I may have been peering curiously at you was to capture your expression! I’ve also painted many figures in scenes, from travel photos, but as these tend to be more abstracted with little detail, I find this very different from painting a traditional close-up portrait. Now, when I say “traditional”, I still intend to keep my own style and I still primarily use acrylics for my work.

The result of several months worth of sketches and a painting later, I came up with the following painting of little Ezra. I was so nervous to create an image of someone I knew very well for fear of not doing him justice. Overall, I’m happy with the results, but I can say it was definitely a learning curve! Proportions are so important to get right in portraiture, and I did resort to various different methods to get the finish I wanted.

I’m not entirely happy with the colour palette, but I am excited to be starting a new online course on colour mixing soon, which I’m looking forward to. Sometimes the colours I envision either don’t quite look right on paper, or the colours are “correct” but something about the overall tone and feel comes across far more twee and cute than I intended.



Harvey is the most gorgeous dog I have ever met – and I’m so pleased with the outcome of this commission! It’s always a little scary with commissions of pets or people portraits as the way you view someone is not necessarily the same way others do – little things like the facial expressions they might share with you, to even the angle you may normally view them at all affect how you view someone!

If you’re interested in having a pet portrait commissioned please get in touch. I always begin with sketches from photos, or a meet up, so that I can make sure the true character really shines through for you.

What have I been up to?

While I have been spending some of my spare time practising aerial silks, I also committed to a show… that’s right, I’ll be performing in January, which blows my mind. This time last year I didn’t even know the sport existed!
I’ve been collaborating with the girls to custom design costumes, so I’ll be posting photos of that after our show.

I’ve also been commissioned to paint a beautiful bassett hound. What a gorgeous dog! I’m excited to paint more pets, and I have to say, it’s going to be really fun to paint a bassett hound, with his long floppy ears and doe eyes. I may reveal some pre-lims soon!