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Holmsley Tearooms – I’ve been busy…

I’ve been busy… here are some photos I took at the Station House Tearooms in Holmsley. The delicious food features in the pictures, with lots of traditional British dishes, and of course, cream tea – what else does one come to a tearoom for! The tearoom building itself is rather interesting, as it’s set in an original station house. The building has been reconstructed and well-maintained over the years. You can see how similar the building remains, looking at the memorabilia in the foyer and on the walls in the dining area. The tracks can be found a short stroll across the road. It’s a good base for cyclists and walkers as many of the routes connect to the trails surrounding the area.

Go visit Station House Holmsley

Strathmore Artist Workshops

I’ve discovered this little gem online: Strathmore Artist Workshops

It’s a series of short, basic interactive online workshops. It’s presented in video format, with written instructions alongside, and templates as well for those who don’t want to practise sketching (just painting). My personal preference is always to draw from scratch, so I had a go at the exercises.

If you sign up (it’s free), you can post in the forums and gallery, allowing you to interact with the instructor and classmates. As far as I’m aware, because there aren’t deadlines, it’s open for quite a few months to give you time to post your exercise attempts whenever you want.

While I was using up the last few sheets of my Cotman watercolour sketchpad, I found some watercolours I painted last year. I spent most of 2017 experimenting with watercolours – it’s a medium I’ve wanted to get better with for a long time, after favouring acrylics for so long. I love the thick textures and how expressive acrylics are (it really is the medium for me), but I also really appreciate the delicacy of watercolours. These were fun to do at the time – lovebirds and crane birds! What do you do with your small pieces, do you display them, sell them, or throw them out? Mine just stay in the pad!


Dr Sketchys – Great fun!

This was my second time attending a Dr Sketchy’s event, and it didn’t disappoint. The format for the events I’ve attended remained the same – and it works well. It’s more of a casual, untutored opportunity to sketch from life. The poses are around 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute sessions and there’s usually two performers. The performers don’t always remove all their clothes – and that gives it’s own challenges with sketching clothes over the human form. There’s music, challenges and prizes, and a performance from each of the life drawing subjects. The first session I went to had a fire dancer and cabaret singer (he was very good!), but last week we had a mime dancer (lip syncing) and burlesque dancer. Although the latter pair were entertaining, the fire dancer was very mesmerising.

Here is a selection of sketches from the evening. Highly recommended for a fun night out – it’s informal, great value (£7 entry), and entertaining. You can even get competitive with entries for Nondominant hand, Most Magical Sketch, Partner swap drawing, etc.

Lady Lolly Rouge
Lady Lolly Rouge – 15 min pose and later further refined

UPDATE: I’ve just heard bad news – unfortunately the Salisbury Arts Centre has decided not to schedule any more Dr Sketchy’s events. If I hear of any similar events being run, or Dr Sketchy’s moving to a new venue, then I will let you all know.

Peacock Shimmer

I’ve added a new piece of work to my Artfinder shop – Peacock Shimmer. This contains iridescent paint that shimmers when it catches the light. I had so much fun making this. All my favourite colours together in a majestic animal! Browse and Buy on Artfinder

Peacock Shimmer
Peacock Shimmer – 2018 – Acrylics

And here’s a little video of the shimmer so that you can really see how the light plays across the surface: